Sunday, October 09, 2005

Film Crew: First Impressions of Kurdistan

I wish I knew where to start. The experiences just keep "happening" and the stories just keep coming. First, I will say that Kurdistan is beautiful! The people couldn't be nicer, and I couldn't feel more safe (except for crazy cab drivers in Istanbul, got it all on tape!). For someone like me, Kurdistan offers continuous "moments". If there was a way to capture everything on camera.....

Since the time we have arrived my eyes have been opened to a country and it's people in a way that you will never hear on CNN. It's unbeleivable in many ways. Of course it's different. But beautiful different. And yes, there have been moments that I wish I wasn't so obviously American. But in truth, I have been treated with great respect and care. Very welcomed. I only hope that this film really does shed a light on what is real here, and so far, if the experiences we've had are any indication to what this film will be, then it will be amazing.

I am still so honored to be here, and so incredibly graced to share it with the people I am with and with whom I have met.


Hello everyone -

We're in Kurdistan and everything is gong well. It has been qute an adventure already with mad cab drivers, boarder crossings, deleted roads - but more importantly great people.

This journey has already informed me in a way that I can't completely describe at this point other than to say this - I have set aside everything I thought and I am open to see what happens next.

I must say however that I do know one thing - the Kurdish people are making a country out of the rubble of past conflicts and it is amazing to see.

After spending the last three days in Hawler (Erbil on CNN) we will be starting tomorrow on a trek around the country that will eventually bring us back to Hawler in time for the elections on the 15th.

I'll try and e-mail again in a couple of days and tell you more about the countryside.

- David

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Film Crew - Impressions before Kurdistan

Time to introduce the crew going into Kurdistan this trip. They each will write their impressions from time to time, and I would hope that you, the readers, will be inclined to ask them questions and provide comments for them.

So without further adeiu, David and Maria:

Hello, this is David here. There is so much going through my mind right now. Mostly I am thinking about pre-production and being prepared as well as possible for anything that might happen. It is almost like a form of meditation at this point, but I know that everything will change as soon as we arrive in Kurdistan and start filming.

I was talking to a good friend who advises documentary filmmakers and he said the wonderful thing about good documentaries is that they tell the story the way it is, instead of the way someone might try and write it. In other words, the film will write itself. I am very excited to see how this one unfolds, and it will be fun to have all of you along for the journey.

Hello all, Maria here. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am part of this small film crew that will soon be wandering the streets of Kurdistan. I am honored and extremely excited that I get to be part of such an amazing project. Can't wait to send y'all beautiful photos and bring back a beautiful film.

And the other member of the crew is myself, Lydia. If you would like to know more about me you can visit my other blog on my profile. However, I do not keep it as current as this one.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Welcome to Kurdistan, Iraq

First let me say thank you for viewing our blog!

A small group of filmmakers are headed into Kurdistan, Iraq to explore the culture and get a first hand glimpse of the people who are caught up in "the war on terror" that is being waged in Iraq.

We had the plan ready to implement, and then we started thinking.......

What do the people of the USA really want to know about the people of Kurdistan?

And, yes, there were more questions...but that was the one to which we kept coming back.

So now we ask you.

Tell us what you want to know.

Make this film something you will want to see so that we all will have a clearer understanding of the people of this region.

We will post our daily logs while we travel and promise to reply to all comments and questions in a timely manner.
Remember: There can be the slight delay in transmission because of time zone changes.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Together we can make a difference in understanding humanity.